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    How to scale or resize my workspace?


      On my new Dell XPS 15, my workspace is tiny. Text, photos and other items are much smaller than they should be. 16px text appears to be 14px, and shapes, images or other objects also appear to be much smaller than normal at 100% zoom.


      Here is the difference on my web browser vs. on Photoshop.


      In this case, I am using the font "Arial Regular" with the size of 14px in both Photoshop and the browser. Notice the difference.
      Comparison fonts.png












      I could be wrong, but this is what I am thinking is the issue.


      Windows 10 on my XPS 15 perfectly scales texts, apps, and other items to 125% by default. This makes everything easier to use and to appear "normal", as they do on any other device I use. I believe that Photoshop's UI is being scaled to 125%, as it should, but it's workspace is still at 100%, disregarding my system display settings.


      Regardless, how do I change this? I use Photoshop for web design and I just cannot deal with the tiny text and tiny items when Im trying to create accurate designs for a web application.