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    How to update an asset in my CC Library and have it applied automatically?

    Astrid Martirossian Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm having trouble figuring out how to change existing assets in a CC Library and have these changes applied to all instances that make use of this asset.

      In this case, it specifically concerns colour swatches.


      In Photoshop, I picked a bunch of colours and added these to my library to use in other applications.


      Then, in Illustrator, I created a simple graphic, applied one single colour from the ones I saved in my library, and saved it as EPS.
      Note: I did actually apply the colour FROM my Library, I did not recreate the colour. I selected my graphic and then clicked on the desired colour from the Library.


      Now I added this graphic in InDesign in a document. In the same InDesign document, I also have some text that I want to be in the same colour as the graphic. Naturally I selected the text and applied the correct colour from my library.


      Here is the thing: I might have to tweak colours, according to the wishes of my client. I have created quite a lot of these graphics in Illustrator and have a lot of text to take into account. To change all of these graphics in Illustrator and all of the text in InDesign manually, would be very tedious.

      Is there any way I can make this happen? I tried simply altering the colour already added in the Library, but that does not apply the change to all the instances that have the colour applied to.


      All applications I use are CC 2018.


      Please help me out!


      Thanks in advance,