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    Resizing in Lightroom...again

    choc_luver Level 1


      I am testing lightroom CC (not classic) as the package seems to have everything I need - bit of editing, storage, seamless across devices etc


      But no decent resize facility...


      I have read through a number of posts on the subject...it is a bit confusing as some answers say select file/export...but that doesn't exist and others say choose long side / short side....that doesn't exist either. Maybe some posts are confusing between Lightroom CC and Classic....


      I do think a decent resize feature is needed, even if it is export only and not to save to the actual file.  The package is perfect for social media photos / blogs but is kinda useless without resizing and the full photography package with both LR's and photoshop is overkill for what me, and others like me need


      The tagline for the product reads as


      The complete photo service for editing, organizing,

      storing, and sharing -- from anywhere.


      It isn't really complete editing service without resizing...is it?  Go on Adobe, make this package perfect!!