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    XML and XMLDocument API confusion

      Perhaps I'm reading this wrong or missing something but it seems there is a circular reference in the API for XML and XMLDocument. I'm starting to read up on using XML and can't seem to follow which objects should be used.

      In the XML doc page is the following line:

      Note: The XML class (along with related classes) from ActionScript 2.0 has been renamed XMLDocument and moved into the flash.xml package. It is included in ActionScript 3.0 for backward compatibility.

      Yet if we look at the XMLDocument documentation...

      The XMLDocument class represents the legacy XML object that was present in ActionScript 2.0. It was renamed in ActionScript 3.0 to XMLDocument to avoid name conflicts with the new XML class in ActionScript 3.0. In ActionScript 3.0, it is recommended that you use the new XML class and related classes, which support E4X (ECMAScript for XML).

      So, what objects should we use for what ends in ActionScript when dealing with XML data?