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    Closing a swf file with a button

      I have a flash website that opens another flash website. I want my quit button on this new site to close the swf file and return back to the first flash site. I know that the quit fs command completely closes a document only if it's a projector, but I am only using swf files. So far the only way I know how to do this is the unload movie script on my quit button for each level that there is a movie. This script only unloads each movie in the scene and turns the screen the same color as the background. I don't know how to completely close the swf player for this movie. Its probably very simple but I am stuck on this problem right now. Any Suggestions???
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          clbeech Level 3
          if you are navigating to another html page - then simply use the getURL call and load the new page into the current browser window - effectively 'closing' the previous swf.

          however - another method would be to use a system wherein the 'main' html page contains a swf that is solely made for loading 'other' swf files using the MovieClipLoader class - in this way you could simply load a new swf file into the same clip and depth as the previous one - this will 'replace' anything that was currently loaded at that depth.