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    Photoshop CC 2018 Hand Tool Problem

    PSUserRA Level 1

      Just upgraded to the 19.1 release and the Hand Tool is behaving very differently. I will try my best to describe it below.


      Let's say I am working on a portrait oriented image. In the past, as soon as I zoom in just enough so that the height of the image goes beyond the height of the document space, I can then use the Hand tool to move/position the entire document all four ways (up, down, left right) anywhere within the document space. But I can't do that anymore.


      1) I can't position/move the entire image left and right if the width of the image doesn't extend beyond the width of the document space. I can only pan/scroll the image up and down and 2) even though I can pan/scroll up and down vertically with the hand tool, I can't move/position the entire image beyond the height of the document space. In other words, in the past I could have the image zoomed in a lot and then use the Hand Tool to keep pulling the image down until the top of the image is, says, 2/3 down from the top of document space (vice versa if I pull the image up). Now, I can only pull the image down until the top of the image is at the top edge of the document space but no more.


      In summary, it seems that the Hand Tool now only can only pan/scroll  within the image but can't move/position the entire image within the document space. This is difficult to explain and I hope I have described it clearly enough. Am I missing something here?