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    Physics behaviors halt after any PSD external updates.

    CrossTimber Level 1



      Just updated CH to the CC18 to try out the new physics behaviors.  The SAMPLE physics puppet is cool, but as soon as I change ANYTHING in the PDS, the physics cease.  I've restarted, refreshed, re-imported the fresh physics puppet; same problem every time.


      To recreate this problem:


      Download the Physics puppet.

      Import into CH.

      Open the CH Media > Gathered Media > PhysicsPlayground.psd

      Make any change (hide & show a layer.)

      Save it.

      Return to CH.  It automatically updates the file.

      Physics stop working... no gravity.  No movement.   I can drag some items which collide with SOME items, but not all.  Green puppet loses limbs, which eventually return to him.


      Anyone have any suggestions?


      Thank you!