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    Sound performance

    Level 7
      I have a game that was running perfectly fine until I decided to add sound
      to it - one 2-second loop, 453 KB WAV file, because Director doesn't seem to
      support anything else. (Except AIF, it seems, but I'm not a Mac-guy.)
      That's all I've added so far, and it makes the game chug like crazy, and
      there's more sounds needed. Is there some way to get better performance out
      of this? Can compressed sounds be made to work? I can make it an MP3, OGG,
      or FLAC if needed, but none of these seem to be recognized by the program.
      (The MP3 version loads and looks like a sound in the cast, but it won't play
      in Director, even though it plays fine in Winamp. The others, it has no
      idea what they are.) I'm using MX04, in case that makes a difference.

      Part of the problem may be that I'm dynamically changing the volume of the
      sound based on the game play - it's a bee buzzing, and I want to make it
      louder based on how fast you're moving. It works fine, but it slows the
      game down considerably. Another thing I'm trying to do is mix several
      sounds at once. I actually have not 1 but 6 bees, each with their own
      version of the sound playing (using #rateshift to get different pitches), on
      a different sound channel. Adding these REALLY slowed it down, so I took
      them out. But even with just 1 bee buzzing, there's a noticeable
      performance lag. I don't think I'm really asking too much from the program,
      but this simple sound is seriously hampering the playback. If it's this bad
      with just a 2-second loop, the music track I have planned is probably out of
      the question.