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    Recalculate upon exiting a field

    rsbisa Level 1

      I have a form with 10 fields (type: number). The first field is Income. The remaining input fields are other payroll related numbers in which User would type a number or select from options that return a number. There are also ten other read-only fields that run calculations based on the input fields as user updates them. Because of "Order of Calculation", if User completes any number of input fields, and then wishes to test a different amount in Income in that first field, the calculable read-only fields are unaffected (in other words, the calculations remain related to the original Income input, not the updated Income input). My current solution is to have the entire form reset to zeros upon mouse-down in Income. This is an unsatisfactory semi-solution, because User must go through and re-type or select the remaining 9 fields again. I would rather have all the read-only fields simply recalculate upon mouse exit from Income.


      If you know of a way to do this - especially without writing a long script that calls upon each of the read-only fields, individually, to recalculate (kind of a "Recalculate All" function), please let me know.