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    getURL doesn't work from

    german01 Level 1
      I have designed a CD-ROM program. Flash player 8 and Action Script 2.
      1) The main folder is His_Lat_2008. In it there are three folders: Movies, Graphics, Pages.
      2) I used a template that has a navigation bar created in flash
      3) I have an Index.html page on the root folder (His_Lat_2008). The index page has a gif graphic. There is also an enter button on this page.
      4) All other pages contain a swf movie

      Button 1 on navigation bar links to home, which is the Index.html

      here is the code

      on (release) {
      getURL("C:\\My Documents\\Hisp_Lat_2008\\Index.html", "_self");

      Button 2 is linked to an html page under the folder Pages.

      on (release) {
      getURL("History.html", "_self"); I ALSO TRIED getURL(/Pages/History.html", "_self")


      button 3 -5 are the same as button 2.

      When the program opens, I see the main page (Index.html). But when I click to other buttons (under folder Page), none works. However, when I'm using the page 2 or 3, I can move within these pages and go back to home page (Index.html), but I cannot come back to pages 2 or 3.

      What is the problem with my getURL?

      Please help