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    Photoshop Render Video to DPX Presets


      I've been working on a film in Photoshop and After Effects. The film was scanned from 16mm to 2K, which is 2048 pixels wide; if this were a widescreen aspect the height would be 1152, but since this is the full frame 1.37 aspect, the height is taller at 1496. I'm in CC 2017, all apps.


      Until recently, Render Video to DPX from Photoshop would take the dimensions from the source. Now, if you try to render to DPX, it offers Adobe Media Encoder presets, which only have the 2048x1152 option, which is too short for my film. There is no capacity to create a new preset on the Photoshop side, and the new preset that I created in AME does not show in Photoshop.


      Currently, my workaround is to render a Photoshop frame sequence to Cineon, which has fewer features but provides the same 10-bit log colorspace. While I'm working internally, it's okay, but when I get to providing deliverables at the end it's going to be an issue. I can launder these files through After Effects to get DPX, but it's a workaround.


      Is there anyway to get back the prior functionality? I rolled back Photoshop, but the problem seems to be coming from AME, which isn't providing me with a rollback option in the CC menu. Is this slated to be restored? Is there some way I can get Photoshop's Render Video dialog to see my custom AME presets?