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    Why doesn't embedding code generated by Animate CC work?

    LilGames Level 1

      It used to be I could PUBLISH a project SWF and HTML file using "Flash Only" or "Flash Only with Fullscreen" templates and that's all I need to get the content to play in a browser. Now instead I get a small "get flash player badge" in the upper left corner.


      Before anyone assumes the obvious causes:

      - Yes this is standard Flash content (FLA)

      - Yes, I have the latest Flash player already installed

      - Yes, I have granted the browser permission to play Flash content

      - Yes I tried the generated HTML both locally and on a server

      AND if I use embedding code generated from OLDER versions of Animate/Flash Professional, the content plays! Only the html generated by ANimate CC 2017 doesn't work!!


      Please help!