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    using tools coming from Camera Raw to Photo shop


      When taking a file from Camera Raw to Photoshop and creating a smart object(I also tried with duplicating a layer) photo shop will not allow me to use several tools such as patch tool and to use the fill tool.  There must be a way of doing this so to edit  in a non destructive manner other  than rasterizing or flattening the file???


      I am very new at this and having problems with this.  thank you  Mr. H

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I think if you hold down the Shift key to open the image from ACR to Photoshop, it will open as a Smart Object.  You can then double click to open it up in ACR again with all functions working.  I have to say that I never bother doing this myself.


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            Benjamin Root Level 6

            A new blank layer can be used as the destination for some tools, such as Clone Stamp. Unfortunately, others, like Patch, you cannot. In that case, new SO via copy and rasterize, then use the Patch tool. If you could use the Patch tool to a new blank layer, the edits would still be "destructive" in the sense that they won't take new form if the SO is edited.


            Hope this helps!