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    Clear my Mouse Wheel

      I am using AS2

      I have a mc that I load a swf into. This swf gives a list of photo galleries to pick from. When a gallery is selected I load another swf with the correct gallery info into the MC that the "gallery picker" was in.

      in the swf gallery there is a "home made" scroll bar. The scroll bar buttons us onPress functions to scroll through the pics. I also use a onMouseWheel event to call those scroll buttons as being pressed, thus allowing me to use my wheel to scroll the pics.

      the swf gallery has a back button that uses unloadMovie to remove the swf gallery and then uses loadMovie to re load the "gallery picker" swf

      The problem I am having is that the first time through this works fine. I can pick a gallery and scroll through the pics. The problem starts when I go back and pick a another or the same gallery. When I mouseWheel the second go round the wheel is calling the onPress functions twice. If i go back and do it again it does it 3 times, and then 4 and then 5......

      So why is the wheel doing that?

      I thought I had multiple listeners for the wheel hanging out but I am removing the swf and reloading. An even funnier part I noticed is that after the first time I test the movie, and try to simulate download inside the FP, the simulate doesn't simulate and the mouse wheel keeps increasing its count. If I take the mouseWheel listener out everything works fine. Clicking on the scroll buttons is completely unaffected by all of this and work correctly no matter what.


      Click the link and go to the gallery section to see a version without the mouseWheel scroll option. Don't pay any attention to the mouse cursor, I am changing it, I just can't decide what I want. :)