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    Flex starting the video every second

      So I need some help, badly...

      I have a flex video player setup, and it's working great as long as I am pulling a video from the local drive like so:

      this.myVideoDisplay.source = "assets/media/testvidflash.flv";

      This plays great, works great, looks great... However if I change that single line of code to:

      this.myVideoDisplay.source = "rtmp://mydomain.com/media/video/public/testvidflash.flv";

      Then I get the video playing, but every second or so it starts another copy of the video in the background and I get this ever increasing echo.

      As best we can tell, the video file on the rtmp works fine in every other flash player we have tested, and I can create a new swf in CS3 and it works fine.

      Does anyone have any ideas?