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    Photoshop CC 2018 - Problem with "Full screen menus". MacBookPro connected with a monitor.


      Hello, I use to work in Photoshop in "full screen menus" mode and I'm getting a problem now that I pass to CC2018 from CC2017.

      The problem is that when I open a document and I press "F" to pass to "full screen menus" menu mode, then the work area become 1/4 of the screen and It's impossible to work with that. I made different test but I couldn't find a solution. Never had this kind of problem before. I work with the last MacBookPro connected with an external monitor and I understood this is the problem because if I work directly on the laptop it's working well. But I work in this way from years... Hope some one have the right solution. At moment i'm try to came back to cc2017. many thanks