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    Giant DTM lib impacting pageload time.


      as we build tons of rules and adding more and more marketing pixcel code in DTM over time, the page performance is getting impacted (heavy DTM lib trying to load at the top of the page). Can this satellite JS split with stuff that need to be at Top of the Page, Bottom of the page, DOM Ready, Onload, typically 4 JS files  instead of one giant file loading at top.

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          Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee



          How are you deploying all of your pixels? Are you using rules to deploy this code or is all code being loaded via a tools section?


          On thing you could look into, is Launch, by Adobe. Launch is a complete rebuild of DTM and addresses a lot of your concerns. For example, Launch offers async deployment of your library.


          You can look around the Launch, by Adobe community to learn more. We also have demos that can be attended live or viewed as a recording. These demos can be viewed and registered for at Adobe.com/go/LaunchMe.