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    Failed 'Could not write metadata. Unknown file I/O error. (1) ?

    Dave Eagle Level 1

      I have Lightroom running on an iMac with the catalogue on the iMac, but the RAW files and XMP files written to a NAS drive.


      I am getting a number of metadata write failures on each set of images I process.

      Current example out of 22 images, 8 have failed with the above error.

      Whilst some have updated, those that fail either have a metadata status of 'Unknown', or  'Has been changed'.

      When I retry the metadata save, they all go to 'Unknown'.


      The only workaround that works more often than not, is to delete the xmp file on the disk, and then re-save the metadata.

      This is increasingly a problem, as I have to run a smart collection of images with suspect metadata status values, and attempt to fix them.


      Please note that this is Lightroom 6, but there doesnt seem to be a forum for this version any longer...


      All help very much appreciated.