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    RH7 Index Cross Referencing

      We have just converted from RH 6 to RH 7.

      Our OS is XP Professional.

      The generated help (.chm) does not show every index items that is cross referenced to other index items.

      My boss thinks these missing index items are caused if the index term linked to is not linked to one or more topics.

      We want the user to go to the cross referenced item in the index, and then have several more specific links displayed below. Is this making sense?

      This occurs when generating html help and web help.

      We reinstalled RH 6 on a new PC and loaded/created a few items in the index cross referenced to other index items and the generated index functioned as expected - (an index item cross-referenced to another index item jumped to that item in the index).

      Why are all cross-referenced index items (to another item in the index) not showing in the generated .chm file created in RH7??

      We uninstalled RH6 and then installed RH7 (although initially we just tried to install RH 7, without uninstalling RH6 my PC was the first to be tried) and opened the project from version control without upgrading the version control. Possibly that has something to do with the problem.

      And if my alias is kadov, I thought it would already be in use. I do not actully like that for an alias --- oh well.