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    A way to get coordinates of Select Box

    derekw32350333 Level 1

      I'm trying to figure out a way to get the coordinates or location of when you as a user are using the pointer, you can select an area(represented by a blue box). I would want that blue box location and save it. Then I would like to be able to recreate that. So I could click a button and that select box would appear at that location again. In a way its similar to what the bookmark feature can do except that just uses zoom.


      The reason I need this is to add a feature to a ERP application I am creating. Customers send emails with pdf attachments. We quote them according to what they say in that pdf file. As a user, I want to be able to select a location in a pdf file, save it, and continue. That way when a product is shipped, for example, with the color purple, and the customer is upset because he didn't want purple, we could easily show the customer where exactly he/she said that in the pdf file. We wouldn't have to waist time looking through all the pdf files the user sent to find it.