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    Photoshop tools become unresponsive


      The symptoms been bothering me for months now. At times they seem to disappear for days then randomly come back later:


      -Brush strokes don't register every few seconds.

      -Selecting and transforming take multiple tries.

      -Basically every tool and command take multiple tries for them to execute.

      -Once I close and reopen the program I can't open any files.

      -Restarting the system fixes it until it happens again in minutes or hours.


      So far I've tried:

      -Disabling graphic acceleration

      -Switching to onboard graphic for graphic acceleration

      -Changing memory allocation, scratch disk.

      -Reinstalling os.

      -Switching to another set of ram sticks.

      -Rolling back to multiple older versions of graphic driver

      -Multiple versions of photoshop cc, photoshop 6



      My system:

      intel i5 2500k, 8gb ram, windows 7 64bit, geforce 560ti, intel HD 3000

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          kolesGhost Level 1

          Instead of turning off Graphic Processor Settings, keep it on and change it to "Basic" under Advanced Settings.


          Also, turn Brush Smoothing to 0 and any advance Technology Preview settings.


          But if this happening with other versions of PS, there might be something wrong with your computer.