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    Help on Expanding Web Advertisment

      I need on AS 2, I have a web advertisement project and its something new for me. The size of the ad is 728 X 80 pixels and it should expand to 768 X 180 pixels when you mouse over on it. I don't have any idea what to do, I made a file which is the base swf ad file with the size of 728 X 80 and I don't know if I should include the expanded size on the same file or just make it an external file and call it with the base ad. The problem with having it as an external file is that the site it will be placed on might have security features which won't allow external files to be called.

      My problem in having the 2 versions on the same file is that when I play the swf file the expanded version doesn't show or the stage just shows the 768 X 80 size so the expanded ad looks cut.

      I hope someone can help me with my dilemma...