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    Letter Sized Doc Displaying as A4 Even Though It's Letter Size


      Hi, I'm using industry-standard screenplay writing program Final Draft 10. The default page size is US Letter and my doc page count 113. When I File > Save to PDF, although the resultant Acrobat Reader DC doc is the same 113 page count, it looks A4 (i.e. long and thin) and the preferences even say it's A4. I contacted Final Draft tech support and they asked me to send them the base fdx file as well as the PDF. They've come back saying that, as a test, they changed the fdx file to A4 and that changed the page count to 106 pages. When they converted that to PDF, the resulting doc was also 106 pages. So as far as they are concerned the fact my PDF page count is 113 page means that the doc is actually US Letter-size (as it's supposed to be) even though it looks A4 on screen (and the preferences say it's A4). That doesn't help me because I need to send this doc to the US and it HAS TO LOOK Letter-size. Just for my own test, I tried installing PDF reader Foxit just for a point of difference and surprise, surprise, my PDF looks Letter-size in that which tells me the problem must be with Acrobat DC. The one step backwards though is, Foxit doesn't display the all-important cover page, only the actual script pages (there's some sort of break in FD that separates the two sections). Is there anyone out there who A) Has come across this before and has found a fix or B) knows of any other PDF reader that will display a Letter-size doc as Letter-size and include both the cover sheet AND script pages contained in a Final Draft fdx doc? This shouldn't be this hard so fingers crossed there is. Thanks in advance for any help.

      Best, Damian