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    Delete Album/Photos Uploaded During Lr CC Trial without Affecting Local Copies



      In this post, Lr CC means Lightroom CC and Lr Classic means Lightroom Classic.


      I had an older version of Lightroom, and tried the Lr CC.  I updated all my catalog to Lr CC, maintaining the local copy of images.   I then decided to upgrade to Lr Classic rather than Lr CC.  However, my 10 gb online account is now vastly exceeded by the uploads from my Lr CC trial.  I have a folder "Migrated Lightroom Catalog" with one album ("Lightroom Catalog"), and two other albums with synced photos from Lr Classic Collections.


      How to do I safely deleted the folder/catalog associated with the trial along with all the photos only in the cloud (i.e., not deleting the local copies on my hard disk)?


      I want to get the photos out of the cloud only so I can free up my space. 


      Thank you,