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    Missing Topics

      I opened my current CHM project, made a quick spelling correction and saved, RoboHelp crashed. When I reopened the project to verify that the change was saved, all the HTML Files (Topics) are missing. The actual htm files are still there, just not shown in the project. The TOC and Index are fine. How do I get them to show back up?

      The only way I can find to get the topics back are to create each topic again and then over write then "new" topic with the original htm file.

      Second question, is there a way to import the last .chm file that was created yesterday? I did not see the .chm file as an import option.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You can decompile a CHM file but let's keep that one in reserve for now.

          It sounds like the CPD file got corrupted. Take a look at the topic on my site about opening projects. Try that first.

          You can also import those topics back into the project, that's something else we'll keep in reserve too.

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            John1412 Level 1
            Thank you Peter.

            Renaming the cpd file to .old worked. Life is much better.

            The one thing I noticed is a topic was now listed twice in TOC that was not originally listed twice.