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    Lightroom 4


      I originally purchased both Photoshop (CS6 - mac) and Lightroom (4 - multiple platforms) back in 2013. This was long before the Creative Cloud, so I paid for each product individually. I have the same Photoshop now, and no interest in upgrading -- for my personal preferences it does the job. Recently, I deleted the Lr app from my macbook in order to temporarily free up space, I did so under the impression that I could redownload the app as I had done in the past using my serial number. However, after at least 2 hours of surfing the web and namely the adobe website, I still have not been able to redownload the version of Lightroom I had. Instead, it seems that adobe wants me to buy the newest version of Lr and forget about the one i had. Is there really no way to download the one I previously owned? I am very frustrated, and whatever help you have would be greatly appreciated.