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    Please Help with New Tag System!!!!!

    blazemoneyy Level 1

      Hey CA Team and Dave,


      Hows everyone doing!??  Love the new features but please help!!



      So I was doing fine taking my old puppets and converting them but for some reason I'm having trouble with this one particular puppet.  What I need help with is one of my sets of eyes hides my other layers and I don't want it too,  I want it to add to that layer you know? 


      Here I'm attaching two puppets same character.  The first puppet is a old file I brought over and converted the tags.  When you press "W" the "worried" eyes work fine.  Now in the next puppet when you press "W" it hides the other layers and doesn't have the right effect.  It just messes it all up really.


      I need the second puppet to work cause I added more feature to it like turning around.  You can press "1-7" to see what I mean. 




      Wink (Master).puppet - Google Drive


      Wink (New Tags) the one with the problem:

      Wink (Master) New Tags.puppet - Google Drive


      Really hope you guys can help out!!