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    How do I disable text copying without disabling printing on a PDF?


      Hi Team,

      I'm trying to set permissions on a PDF file using Acrobat DC Pro on a Mac wherein copying of text is disabled but printing remains enabled, however it would seem that the two settings are inextricably linked. I do believe that you can have one without the other....otherwise they wouldn't have their own settings, right? Am I being foolish? Is it a glitch? I notice the same problem when setting security parameters in Apple Preview so there's something rotten in Denmark, but if anyone here knows how to achieve this, I would be super grateful for any wisdom or advice you can provide.


      Edit: It would seem that Apple Preview is bypassing the security settings...set forth both in Acrobat Pro DC and its own Save-As-PDF security settings. Is it just that Apple Preview is too cool for school? Would love to find a way to beat it if possible.




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