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    Lightroom Classic CC - Magenta Problem


      Hope someone can help.


      First up, my screen is calibrated, I have reset Lightroom, I have updated my Canon drivers. I have Lightroom also running on a Mac and it prints the colours correctly.


      I am running a Windows 10 system with a Canon iP8700 series printer. The problem started around a month ago.


      When I print out, I have a heavy magenta cast. I also see the cast in the print preview so I have stopped printing and am checking various settings against the preview.


      The problem remains the same regardless of whether I use the Profile setting Managed by Printer or the Canon presets.


      If I print to jpeg file instead of printer then it prints correctly.


      I can do a manual colour adjustment on the preview to reduce the magenta.


      Any ideas why this has started happening and how to correct it. I have tried pretty much every option available.