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    Windows Ink Enabled = Delayed Reactions and Reverted Numbers


      Hi All,


      First of all, I realise this is quite a widespread problem and I've tried the top fixes I've been able to find by Googling, by just wanted to give my version of events to see if anyone had any ideas.


      The problem I have is when Windows Ink is enabled is that in Photoshop if I slide opacity/flow etc it reverts back to whatever it was as soon as I lift my pen and in Lightroom, the sliders have a delayed reaction. If I disabled Windows Ink it fixes the problem, but I lose pen functionality and might as well be using a mouse. Here's are two videos demonstrating my issue:

      huion-ps.mp4 - Google Drive 

      huion-lr.mp4 - Google Drive


      I have tried all the regular things;

      - Contacting Huion (they insist it's either me or the application, and had me reinstall the driver 4 times)

      - Reinstalling/updating drivers

      - Updating WinTab

      - The PSUserConfig.txt workaround (didn't work for me at all)


      Here's my system/setup:

      OS: Windows 10

      Tablet: Huion New 1060 (8192)

      Tablet Driver:

      Photoshop: CC 2018 / 19.0

      Lightroom: CC 2018 Classic / 7.1


      Anything else you need to know or any suggestions, please let me know.