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    No changes displayed until I zoom. How to fix.

    thisishel Level 1

      Since the latest update of Photoshop I have a bug which has made it unusable.


      When ever I make a change to a document (not all of the time but most of the time) it looks like nothing has happened. If I use the zoom tool suddenly the changes appear on my document. This basically renders my photoshop unusable.


      It happens during any selection, masking, undo-ing, shape drawing - but strangely not for some tools like the paint brush.


      It also doesn't display the errors in the layers palette.


      Deleting preferences doesn't do anything.

      I have un-installed and reinstalled which fixed the problem for about half a day.

      I have turned off 'use graphics processor' in preferences - no change.


      I am running OSX 10.13.3

      Intel Iris Graphics 550

      Late 2016 MacBook Pro


      Can anyone help me please!