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    Lightroom CC has photos online that are no longer my harddrive


      So I finally installed the new Lightroom.  I launched the old one, and I noticed folders missing (and a particular photo I manipulated).  So I launched the new Lightroom, nad I found the folder and photos.  However, I cannot find the photo locally at all any longer.  I downloaded the download tool, and it too did not download it.  However, if I right-click on the photo in the new Lightroom, and open it in Photoshop, the raw, larger photo is downloaded to me, and I can work with it.  I think I prefer the old Lightroom (not sure yet), but regardless, this folder should be in both I would hope.  And it should never have been lifted from my hard drive.


      Anyone know what is up?  What I am missing here?  The new Lighroom and confusing me.