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    Dump CF Classpath?

    brentil Level 1
      I've spent some time looking online but I haven't been able to find the answer to this yet. I'm a system admin at our development house so I'm not an expert on CF, but I'm trying to do something none of our programmers have done before so they don't have an answer for me. I'm building a script to output our CF and Java version information to provide with our applications to customers and I've got all the data I want so far except for the active Java Class Path: CF Classpath as found on the System Information page of the CF Admin.

      I tried System.getProperty("java.class.path") but all that does is return the list of class paths. I actually want the list of loaded jar files. For example;


      I was able to figure everything else I needed from looking online and also looking in the CFIDE/administrator/settings/version.cfm file and looking through the byte code. The section for what I'm looking for didn't help me out though.