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    Trying to upgrade from Lightroom CC mobile subscription to full subscription!

    rachelbarbara Level 1

      Hey all,


      I have been in contact with both Adobe support twice and Apple App store once on this issue. I had bought a subscription through Apple for the Lightroom CC mobile subscription. However, I wanted to upgrade so I can download Lightroom on my Mac and use it on Mac and iPhone. I tried upgrading through both Adobe and Apple, and since Apple doesn't actually have Lightroom in their App store on Mac I am unable to do it through them. Adobe keeps telling me that my subscription with Apple is still active, however, Apple is saying that my subscription is expired.


      I have contacted Adobe support again and they are unable to help and Apple is unable to help. Where do I go from here? As it's getting frustrating and I am at boiling point due to not getting help from anywhere! Chat on Adobe takes forever to reply to me as well (was waiting for about 4 minutes each time before even getting a response!)


      Please help!