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    CH puppet used to learn ASL fingerspelling

    TDFAP Level 2

      Hello Everyone, I have developed a simple puppet for the purpose of translating the English Alphabet into both the American Sign Language Manual Alphabet and also Morse Code. I did this using triggers and swap sets, and precisely 27 photos of my right hand.


      The puppet, "Handy" is available for free download from my website, www.thedopefiends.com and I'd like to upload it to my CC files to provide a link, but I seem to be having an issue. The website says that the file has uploaded, but I can't find it in my Assets. If I can identify what is going on, I will supply another link.


      Otherwise, anyone interested in trying it out can download it free from my website. I'd love to hear some feedback, suggestions or reviews - especially of any streaming applications or uses.