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    Several Questions


      So I am making my own indie game...Or at least getting started and I found Adobe Photoshop is a great tool for editing sprites and what not.


      However, there are certain instances where I must stay within the 16-bit (64 colors) for certain things or else the game could crash or casuse some strange display errors on the user side.  For the most part I use true color, but I still want to learn how to limit the colors for sake of ambiance and or theme.


      So is there a way to set up a painters palette?  Limiting me to use just those colors without deviation?  I found that the healing brush is nice for making or editing things, but the problem is that it goes beyond the palette range.  Maybe I am just using it wrong?


      I am very new to Photoshop so still learning when it comes to the terms and jargon, therefore some of these things don't compute when google searching.  Thanks.

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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like what you want to do is open one of your documents and choose Image > Mode > Indexed Color. In there you can specify exactly how many colors Photoshop is allowed to use, and you can set up or load what those colors are.


          Just be aware that there are many Photoshop features that don't work in Indexed Color mode. If there's a feature you need to use a lot but isn't available with a limited color palette, it might be better to edit in full RGB, and only convert to indexed color just before exporting the version for the game.