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    Adobe [cc-edit kg] using too much Internet Bandwidth


      Hello Everyone,


      Ive noticed that the Adobe Creative cloud app is always running in the background. I currently am using Windows 10 and this application is using too much Internet Bandwidth. For example, according to comcast, I used up 75GB of Internet data in one day. I started to investigate and it came up that Adobe.com was the culprit. I currently use Adobe CS6 cloud suite. I am running all the apps, but NOT at the same time. My apps were updated back in January of 2018 in order to have the most updated version of these applications running. When I open task manager and look under process, Adobe is running like 27 process at once. I see that some are duplicated with the name "conhost". I know that its a Windows process, but only Adobe has these duplication. This problem started yesterday, February 5, 2018. Can someone let me know if they have the same issue? Is it a spoof malware, adware or even a virus? This has happened at least to 7 computers. They are all running the same applications.