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    Glitches with Photoshop CC 2018 on mac with Wacom tablet

    littlemure Level 1

      I use a Wacom Intuos Art with Photoshop CC 2018 on OSX 10.13 (High Sierra). I've been experiencing issues where whenever I switch between browsers (eg from Photoshop to my web browser or desktop), when I go back to Photoshop my tablet just won't work properly. I can move the cursor with it, I can select and fill areas if I need to, but any of the drawing or erasing tools won't make a mark at all, and it's only by switching over to my mouse and clicking, or by scribbling randomly until finally Photoshop recognises the tablet doing it's job, that it will start working again.


      I understand there was a plug-in to fix a similar issue in the 2013 version of CC but it seems mad to me that the same kind of issue is still around five years later. As of typing this my tablet drivers, Photoshop and operating system are all up to date, so I'm at a loss for what could be causing it. Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem?

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          slashpot Level 1

          Wow, I had this kinda problem months ago, still not fixed after hours with Adobe techs. All I did find out is that the problem is (somehow) with the tablet. ALTHOUGH changing tablet, pen, and drivers didn’t fix it. My only choice is to have my mouse right next to my intuos, & click the mouse each time it happens - about ten -twenty times per day, particularly if I leave my computer, leave photoshop, or breathe wrong. But sometimes it just happens, including the first time it occurred...


          Just to see if it's the same thing...

          My pen just stopped drawing one day. The cursor moved, changed if I right clicked, and did many things, but tools which required (continuous sampling?), Brush, eraser, blur, dodge, burn, etc just looks like theres no ink in the pen. Other tools which require (oh whatever the other type of sampling is!), such as Pen, move, select, crop, etc worked fine, as did most other things.


          At he time I put a question here, no one had heard of such a thing, & as I said it took hours with their tech controlling my machine to finally work out that the mouse (which I never touch) worked, so tapping the mouse got me going.


          Also, now there seem to be several people with similar probs now, back then it was just me. I'm amazed there are others now, I can quit therapy!

          If I find a proper answer I WILL contact you, I hope you'll do the same

          Thanks & good luck!

          Michael Oberhofer

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            alexandred66317395 Level 1

            Same issue here. On a Mac Pro high Sierra, PS 2018 with INtuitos and Cintiq.  My workaround has been to save my Wacom pref file, restore the Wacom to default, and finally reinstall my old pref. It then works ...until it doesn't...!!! argh.  Drives me Nuts.