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    Icon in Mac...

      Ok the question is simple, and, targets people that have director in both platforms (specially those that having director 11, do develop in PC but are able to test in MAC).

      When making a projector, if targeting multiplatform (that is, stating that i want both PC and MAC or only MAC), and in a PC, if selecting as icon a mac icon file, do the mac projector gets the icon?

      The solution for the PC is already sorted out... but the mac part is still fuzzy, specially, because, i don't have a mac to test anything...

      Many thanx
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          I think that it is supposed to put in the icon, but it doesn't. If you
          are authoring on PC< then it will only put the custom icon on the PC
          version. And vice versa.

          You will need a Mac to put the icon into the Mac. But it is super easy.
          Just make a 64x64 version of the icon, and save it as a 32 bit PNG (if
          there is transparency... if not then you can use any bit depth/graphic
          format you want). Double click on it to open the image in Preview (the
          default program for graphics). Cmd-c (copy). Then right click on the
          projector that you want to put the icon into and choose Get Info. Then
          click on the icon there and cmd-v (paste).