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    Maske shape is changing after changing picture size

    J. Flügel

      Hi Everyone,


      I am working with Photoshop CC (latest Update 19.1) on a Windows PC.

      I created a droplet a couple of months ago and it worked fine.

      Now, since the latest update, the droplet has two issues:


      1. The Droplet (and Photoshop itself, too), is loading the PSD-Files very slowly, not like before.

      2. The Masks are changing (see pictures below), after changing the size. (I am downsizing from approx. 3000 px -> 1500 px).


      Does anyone have the same issues or can imagine what is happening?

      I didn´t find any similiar in the Forum, but maybe the problem comes from the new "select and mask" function?


      If I find anything, i will post it here.


      Correct Mask:



      Changed Mask:




      Thank you!