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    Cold Fusion/Flex Application Wizard crippled in Trial Version?

    bryn50 Level 1

      I am using the 60 Day trial version of Flex Builder 3/Eclipse.
      I wanted to try out the much vaunted Cold Fusion/Flex Application Wizard, mainly because I could not get my head around access from Flex to an existing CFC from the documentation alone.

      So, I followed the directions:
      Click the plus sign (+).
      In the Name: text box, enter the name for the page.
      Select the page type (master, detail, or master/detail).
      Click Edit Master Form or Edit Detail Form, depending on the type of form you are creating.
      The Visual Query Builder starts.

      But for me, when I click on 'Edit Master Form' the Visual Query Builder does not start.

      Now I have checked and confirmed that my RDS is working, and that I can access the database via RDS in the Eclipse RDS browser window. The RDS concerned is on another PC.

      The PC on which Flex Builder is installed is a Vista Ultimate/32 and the database is MS SQl server 2005 (running on the other PC). Cold Fusion 8 is installed on both PC's.

      So, my question is 'Is the CF/Flex Application wizard deliberately hobbled/crippled in Flex 3 Trial version, or is there something wrong with my installation.?
      If this works for everyone else, then how do I debug my installation ?

      Bryn Parrott