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    Failed to Publish

    lniles Level 1
      Warning: Failed to publish to "server name". reason: Cannot retrieve page from server: "ip address", status: 504..

      What does this error mean when you are trying to publish the Webhelp Pro layout to a server with Roboserver 7.0?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Have you (or your server administrator) checked all the permissions? If so, is the problem just related to one project?
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            MeWrite Level 1
            I'm having the same issue, slightly different error though. I was publishing FlashHelp Pro with no publishing issues, but then between project 3 and 4 this error started and still has not been resolved. Neither my IT dept or myself has been able to find the cause. It occurs on any Pro project we're trying to publish. It occurs on both the production server and the test server. Permission settings are identical between the 2 servers and we have gone throuugh all the permissions so near as we can tell, everything's set the way it should be set.

            Warning: Failed to publish to "02 Test Server DIS View". reason: Cannot retrieve page from server: mopchr02.amer.pfizer.com, status: 500..

            Anyone else have any ideas about this error? Or suggestions on where to troubleshoot next?

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              I do get error messages when publishing by project. It is getting quite frustrating because we have been using RH7 for at leaset 4 months, and I have never EVER received any help from adobe technical help. They have no clue!!!!
              What frustrates me is that this is a COMMON problem amongst other users and I have not found any sound answers using ADOBE HELP!!!
              Has anyone resoved their issues with publishing and using Roboserver?
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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi there Jusnatters

                I'm not claiming to know exactly why things aren't publishing for you, but there is one little thing in the back of my mind that I seem to recall may adversely affect the process.

                In Windows, you have the ability to view your files in different ways when you are using Windows Explorer. For example, if you click the View menu, you may choose between:
                * Thumbnails
                * Tiles
                * Icons
                * List
                * Details

                If you were to choose Thumbnails view, Windows may have created a file named thumbs.db. This file is flagged as a system file by the Windows file system. I believe it's possible that if this file exists, it could possibly be a reason the publish is failing. So you may need to search the folders for the existence of the file and banish it.

                To do this will require a bit of work. First, you need to ensure you can actually see it. To do that, from Windows Explorer, click Tools > Folder Options... > View tab and make the following changes:
                Enable "Do not cache thumbnails"
                Enable "Show hidden files and folders"
                Disable "Hide extensions for known file types"
                Disable "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)"

                Once you have made those changes, click OK to dismiss the dialog.

                Now scan the files and folders for the existence of files named "thumbs.db". Delete any you find. After you are certain they are all gone, try publishing again.

                As I said earlier, there are probably other reasons the publishing process could fail. This is but one. But it's worth a try.

                Please try that and report back with how it worked out.

                Sincerely... Rick