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    FLex Login


      I am using logout in my flex project.At the time of login i am creating one token.When i click logout i am deleting the token.If i relogin with the same username and password old values are not coming.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Huh? We'll need a lot more information to even begin to understand what you are doing, let alone help fix it.

          login, logout, token, username and password are not Flex functionalities.

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            manvitha Level 1

            At first I am using login page in my flex project.I used logout button in my flex appllication.After login to the application i am clicking logout button.Its redirecting to login page.but again if i login with the same username and password i am unable to do any operation and unable to view the old values.In this project i am using .NET Services for every functionality like verifying the login credentials and all.
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              Hi Manivitha,

              your are explaining from a user point of view. Please explain how you are calling your functions login, logout etc. and from which component/service they are. Also some code examples might be helpful to understand your problem.
              And what do you mean with old values. I guess these "values" are loaded from somewhere.

              I just guess that you are calling a webservice. In this case you might check if you have deleted the old instance of the webservice before you relogin. This would be a problem with the .net service cause webservice normally use sessions to handle connections/timeouts.

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                manvitha Level 1

                I am using HTTP Services for login.I am creating one token for authentication(token is present date).So,Everytime when user logged in it ll generate a token with present time, an i am storing that token in cache object.Once user logged in successfully ,if i click logout button i am deleting the token.Up to this working fine.If i relogin with the same username and password,I am able to login successfuly now if i try to update some values ,this time token is not generatded i.e its not calling login Service in .NET.

                In mozilla everything is working fine.I am testing in IE7.0.Its not working in IE 7
                Did u understand my problem.
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                  kcell Level 2

                  thanks for the infos, I have now a better understanding what your code do.

                  First, never seen this kind of message/function handling via httpservice before. ( I am also not sure why you didn´t use a webservice, but might have your reasons.)

                  I am considering that you store your token in cache. I have seen much differences between Firefox and IE7 in cache handling. FF is much lazier in cleaning/reloading objects.

                  So my questions is how did you store your token in the cache (or did you store it in memory in a variable of your app)?

                  best regards
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                    ntsiii Level 3
                    That methodology is ok, though one usually reserves bracket notation for when the property names are not known until runtime.
                    is the same as
                    paramsLogin.Method = "login";

                    HttpService is also fine. It is much simpler to use than a webService, and might be marginally more performant because it does not include the soap stuff.

                    The problem might be the browser is caching the url call itself.

                    Are you using POST or GET? I understand the POST does not cache.

                    Another solution to the cache problem is to append some unique string to the querystring, likeDate.time.