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    Adobe Standard DC V18.xxx.xxx Black Square For Cursor


      OS: Windows 7 x64, SP1, Build 7601

      Application: Adobe Reader DC





      Issue: Multiple/if not all machines with either version of the software above has the black box for a mouse cursor issue. This occurs for either version, either type of NT profile being non-admin or full admin.


      -tried clean installation

      -tried repairs

      -tried adobe removal tool + manual reinstall

      -tried adobe removal tool + sccm install

      -tried clear recommended cache files from %appdata% directories

      -tried new NT profile

      -tried clearing all %appdata% adobe directories+HKey_cu>software>adobe

      -pdf thumnail previews is disabled by default>tried both>same results


      We are upgrading to 18.009.20050 due to the existing issues with *44 and showing wingdings as characters on generated pdf reports. I see the mouse issue follows either version so figured I would inquire to see if there is a fix coming and/or solution in place? I found many old threads on this but none were useful.