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    CS3 Design Premium on a new machine


      I have been moving from an older Win7 to a newer Win10 machine and am having a devil of a time getting CS3 Design Premium to work.  I had it installed and working for a while, just ignoring the fact that it didn't seem to activate, but eventually that timed out and I found out the CS3 activation servers had been retired.  So I poked around and found the instructions about downloading another version which did not require activation with a new serial number.  So, I de-installed what was there, downloaded the new one and installed it, but it never prompted me for a new serial number and was stuck again on the activation step.  So I de-installed, and re-installed again with the same result.  I have been over the help pages several different ways.  At one point there is mention of a special offer to upgrade.  I wasn't going to do that since Photoshop and Bridge is about the only thing out of CS3 Design Premium I use any more, but I have failed to find a link.  And, half the time when I go into my account, the products are missing, so I can't even cut and paste the serial number.


      I know this is a CS3 question, not just a Photoshop question, but I found no CS3 forum.