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    Exporting as JPG makes photo dark and muddy




      I've searched the forums and found some similar issues, but still cant manage to fix mine with the answers provided there.


      When exporting a photo from Photoshop as JPG, the image ends up pretty darker and messed up looking. (if re-opened of PS it looks fine)
      I tried exporting as JPG, both with or without converting to sRGB and/or including color profile.
      I tried saving for web same as above.
      I tried converting it myself and saving as JPG.
      They all look darker and muddy on Windows viewer and Internet browsers (uploaded via Facebook) except for the one WITHOUT conversion, and saved as JPG from Save as.
      Even that fine one gets destroyed pretty bad on Firefox tho(via Facebook), it looks fine on Microsoft Edge and Chrome.


      Could it be the conversion from LR prophoto to PS? Wrong working space profile or my monitor profile? Or what else?
      Im using a 2 weeks old BenQ BL2711U monitor


      Thank you very much