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    Missing menu options and Lr CC doesn't look the same




      I recently installed Lightroom CC on a Surface Book 1, but all of the standard menus seem to be missing. Can anyone help? Screen shot attached. None of the menu options appear under View or any other tab.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You may have become confused by Adobe's decision to name the NEW version of Lightroom the same as the "regular" Lightroom. The Lightroom that you may have become accustomed to is now known as Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom CC is now the name of a new breed of Lightroom that is all cloud-based. Images are stored in the cloud and are immediately available on all devices including the computer and all mobile devices, instantly (within reason) synchronized and available for use on those devices. The new Lightroom CC has somewhat limited functionality compared to Lightroom Classic CC, but it is new technology that is growing. Lightroom CC is part of the Creative Cloud photography plan. I have The two programs installed on my computer and look at Lightroom CC occasionally. For the type of work I do (which is somewhat limited compared to most photographers) I prefer to use Lightroom Classic CC. I don't know what your requirements are. That is a choice for you to make. I apologize if I have misunderstood your question.