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    Lightroom CC: videos play on one iMac, not the other

    bradleykents Level 1

      In my experience, Lightroom CC has had some growing pains when dealing with videos, but it's improving.

      But I've run into a snag ...

      I shot four 5-second videos on my iPhone X, two each with the standard Camera app and the Moment app — one at a normal frame rate, the other in slo-mo.

      On one iMac everything is just fine — I was delighted that Lightroom CC could deal with the slo-mo!

      On the other iMac, the four videos appear (with thumbnails) in the Grid view, but in full-screen Detail view, only one (the slo-mo version from the Moment app) plays. The other three open in Detail view without a thumbnail and with the play bar slightly advanced but everything is frozen: can't move the playhead, no image, no play.

      Both iMacs running High Sierra [10.13.3] and both running Adobe Lightroom CC [1.1].

      I've restarted the iMac but that didn't address the problem. 

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.