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    Ok to change name of external drive?

    beverlybeverly Level 1

      Recently I added LR 6 to my brand new new iMac (OS is High Sierra). 


      I was previously using an imac with snow leopard and LR 5.7.1


      All 65,000 images are in a catalog on an external drive.

      I attached the back up of that drive to the new imac.

      I didn't upgrade the catalog.


      There’s a ? next to all the files because it doesn’t recognize the drive, since it's called back up.


      For LR to recognize it, can I simply change the drive’s name to be the same as the original in the catalog?


      Since that drive was working with my old imac using snow leopard and LR 5.7.1, will it interface ok with LR 6?