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    Rule Action Order

    FOX007 Level 1

      I have Google Analytics and and SiteCat firing on a page load with SiteCat first and GA second. However when it runs the GA is getting fired first. THis is causing issues since some of the GA variables are based on SiteCat variables which need to be set first.


      Can someone help?



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          Josh Donley Level 4

          I can't really answer to why they aren't firing in the order you show in your screenshot, except that that sounds like a bug with Launch for Adobe to investigate.


          But in general, I have to ask, why do you have a dependency like this in the first place? What are you trying to generate in AA and push to GA that you cannot instead generate in a Data Element and push to both, independent of each other?

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            FOX007 Level 1

            It is a confirmed bug. A JIRA ticket was opened with DTM devs. We are not using data elements since that would require us to create a rule for every page load. We have about 30 different pages with different tags firing on each one. The approach we took is 6 rules, 3 for page loads and 3 for link clicks. Each one is triggered by a direct call rule and they contain switch statements (i.e. custom code) to handle the different pages and tags.

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              geoffrey_p Level 1

              I'm still not understanding why you need to get it out of AA, its a pretty simple configuration if you ask me, there is no need to make it complex like you are doing.